Light Fantastic has been working in advanced
3D production and animation for 20 Years.

We work with clients to define the essentials,
then storyboard, design and produce to high
quality finished animations and still renders.
Call us to see a wider range of capabilities
than can be shared here.

3D Animation production services
  • Character & Object modeling
  • Character Animation & Rigging
  • Layouts & Storyboarding
  • Mapping & Texturing
  • Motion Capture Refinement
  • Lighting Design and Rendering
  • Compositing
  • Final Production Inspection

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The combination of high quality animation talent here in the US, combined with equally talented offshore production in Europe and Asia offers us an ability to assure and deliver extremely high quality 3D stills and animation at at very reasonable costs.

The creativity of your project is only limited by imagination. Let Light Fantastic help you explore and define the best solution for your needs.



Click HERE for a PowerPoint Show using interactive 3D

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