Here are some 3D animated projects exemplifying the quality of our work:

Triad Tower is a innovative office complex being developed in Greensboro, NC. A comprehensive 3D tour gives the viewer a tremendous sense of the exterior and interior features as well as traffic flow and other critical features.





Swan Lake, a remarkable project in mainland China, exemplifies a new class of mixed-use development on a grand scale. The "New China" seen here in 3D animation is exceptional both for its scale and visionary thinking.




General Nutrition Centers (GNC) needed to create a virtual "spa" in the "Alive Store" to exemplify the numerous aspects of mind, body and spirit requirements for sustainable health. A 3D tour takes you through this "virtual" health center.




eSpeed wanted to create a highly impactful video demonstration of its global trading capabilities across multiple markets. This powerful illustration preceded the events of 9/11 and includes moving 3D animation and video footage of New York and the World Trade Center.




Colgate Center is a major $3.5 billion office and residential park on the west side of the Hudson across from New York City's financial center. This 3D flyaround was part of an interactive presentation to prospective corporate tenants.




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