Light Fantastic has produced sophisticated 3D Animation since 1991, and has been on the forefront of Interactive 3D as the technology has evolved from early experiments.

Click HERE for a PowerPoint Show using Interactive 3D
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Using a modular production process, we can visualize products and processes in a unique manner that immediately allows your audience to "Look Deeper, See Farther ... Know More". New offshore model creation capabilities allow us tremendous cost effectiveness, and our supervising 3D Animators here assure the highest level of quality.

Other Examples:

3D Mechanical (Flash)
Canon Multiplex Copier (Quicktime VR)
Virgin Airways Luxury Seat (Quicktime VR)

For many examples of interactive 3D, you will need the popular Cult3D plugin. If the embedded animations are not playing please click the Get Cult3D button.

Applications include:

Architecture and Engineering
Medical Imaging and Healthcare
Mining and Resource Development
Product and Package Design
Simulations and Training
Games and Entertainment


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