Challenge: Create an in-store experience for alternative beauty, health and nutritional products.

GNC wanted an in-store system that could electronically evaluate customer needs, then advise and dispense vitamin, health and beauty products using their automated dispensing system.


Solution: GNC "Alive Store VR Kiosks" and website

The "Alive" system was designed as a fully immersive 3D "virtual health center" with three distinct stations focused upon Health, Mind and Beauty. Artificial Intelligence programs query the visitors using actual expert health and nutrition authorities across varied aspects of personal health and nutrition.


Paul Hollett - Creative Director
Mike Wallin - Art Director
Ray Rue - Illustrator
Ranee Chung - Designer

This innovative "immersive" approach to holistic health utilized a large database of health and nutritional counseling data in a "virtual" resort on the imaginary tropical "Alive Island". Click on the images for some short Flash clips.

Besides the "Bionutritional Encyclopedia", customized profiling of visitors allowed recommended products to actually be dispensed via connection to an in-store Baxter pharmaceutical dispensing system.


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