IDT Communications needed to show the important differences in Internet Services: Many corporations and smaller business make the wrong choices in Internet access, basing their decisions on erroneous assumptions or pricing issues that ignore their true current and future needs.



As a Tier 1 internet access provider, IDT's dedicated access capabilities are dramatically superior for integrated business networking and communications. Light Fantastic saw the clearest ways to visually illustrate the important differences that corporate IT managers needed to consider before committing to an ISP host.


Solution: "It's About The Future" Road Show Presentation and website (

Light Fantastic gave IDT's marketing team the ability to demonstrate these critical factors in a modular digital presentation for road show marketing presentations, trade exhibits and the Web. By developing a modular information & navigation framework, we were able to allow IDT presenters to address each audience with up to the minute content changes in precisely the sequence each audience wanted.




Paul Hollett - Creative Director & Information Architect
Alexandra Shomakhiya - Illustrator



Using graphics that were dynamic, fresh and modern, the IDT interactive eCommerce roadshow presentation examined the history, current capabilities and future possibilities of broadband Internet technology.

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