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Light Fantastic Studios Inc. has developed an integrated digital media design approach that can evolve any type of content into a compelling interactive architecture. From searchable video and audio streaming to dynamic text, photos, maps and illustration databases, we integrate and extend interrelated data to the widest possible range of media platforms and audiences.

Create Content once ... use it everywhere! Our digital asset development methods are proven media production processes for creating sophisticated digital products and services. There is no "killer app" to actually automate human communication and understanding. Rich user experiences must be carefully crafted by humans who care and know how. Our systematic approach is perfect for visualizing data and information about anything people buy, sell, use, collect or observe, ...and where there's value to having that core content synchronized with the latest updates.

Typical applications include:

Interactive Product Catalogs and Directories
Sales Force Automation and Product Training
Point of Sale/Point of Use Support
Interactive Training & Safety Simulationskiosks



Using both proprietary software and systematic production methods perfected by our creative interactive media veterans, Light Fantastic has simplified the creation of custom interactive content for online, mobile devices and events. Our flexible user interface design can accommodate any audience need and can be customized for different audiences easily. Finished media can be quickly updated and extended to new formats as technologies and markets evolve.


Other Services:
3D Animation
Interactive 3D
Digital Presentations
Advanced Media Technologies
Digital Meetings and Events
Trade Event & Exhibit Media


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