Light Fantastic Studios and it's partners are always working with best-if-breed emerging visual displays. From 3D lenticular displays to LCD media tile displays that use "reflected" light rather than generating light, we have solutions to your Out-of-Home display issues.

3D Lenticular

Lenticular 3D allows the audience to view 3D stereographic content without using 3D glasses! This creates great retail and poin-of-purchase attractions. With LCD reflective displays, benefits are both economic and esoteric. A large format display that can be viewed clearly in broad daylight and lit for effect at night. Using only a fraction of the electric power requirement of conventional displays, LCD media tiles offer dynamic Out-Of-Home media for architectural, retail and public entertainment.

Take a look at some of the digital out-of-home and retail media we have visualized and developed for clients with our High Definition video partners:
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