Light Fantastic and our partner creative groups offer both 2D and 3D computer animation processes delivering real-time animation live, faster and for less money than traditional animation studios. Our systems create cartoon characters that are manipulated by live puppeteers to perform live for broadcast, conferences, trade shows and other entertainment venues.

    3D Characters

    Lip-synch is driven by real-time, voice-activation system which allows the cartoon characters to be composited to interact spontaneously with live actors or other animated characters.

    Clients have used real-time animation in the following ways:
    Cartoon characters host a live game show for kids
    Cartoon characters to interview rap celebrities
    A live child and a cartoon host a variety show interactively
    Animated characters host an international sales meeting.

    Production times and budgets are drastically reduced, and our process can also help to preserve a branded character's brand integrity. Gestures are prescribed in advance - not subject to the interpretation of individual performers.

    Once a character is built you can:
    Re-use it again and again to add new material.
    Change props & backdrops throughout a series.
    Perform in multiple languages.

Other Advanced Services:

Interactive 3D Animations
Virtual & 360° Panoramic Digital Photography & Video
3-D Hi-Fidelity Visual Environments
Streaming media for Events and Self-Paced Training

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