Develop an exciting but moderately priced visualization environment ... one able to support thousands of visitors on a monthly basis for the National Museum for Marine Biology and Aquatics of Taiwan.


The museum wanted to simulate an immersive oceanic 3-Dimensional graphic environment that visitors could enter to experience an "undersea world".

Solution: Taiwan Museum "Virtual Aquarium"

Our engineering partners at Mechdyne designed and developed an ultra-robust, PC-based, four-channel surround-screen virtual reality system. The visualization system, an MD SSVR™, uses rear-projection technology to display three-dimensional graphics onto three, ten-foot walls and the floor of a U-shaped configuration. Visitors stand inside the structure, allowing them to feel completely immersed in the virtual reality environment.

One of only a handful of PC-based surround-screen visualization systems inthe world, the exhibit is powered by five networked computers. One acts as a master control while the other four separately control projection to each viewing surface.

This exhibit allows visitors to experience beautiful coral reefs and marine life and includes extremely rare and extinct aquatic life.

Jim Gruening - Worldwide Integration & Technical Services
Kurt Hoffmeister - Engineering & Product Development


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